The Great American Broadcast Network


Hello and welcome to the TGABN's new and upcoming website, at TGABN we strive to improve standards of media, we're a company that care's what the people want as we're a non profit company, but our standards are high bringing new methods of media straight to you. 

"Well I had the idea of TGABN when browseing though other company's work, nodding my head in a negative manner thinking to myself I could do better so I set off using my personal funds to begin to build a company built on one man's view of a entire network of media" - TGABN Director Vincenzo Diaz

"When Vincenzo called me explaining this crazy idea of his, I personally laughed but after seeing Vincenzo face to face my whole perspective of him changed dramatically his business plan and marketing scheme was outstanding I swiftly invested and here we are" - TBGAN Share Holder Dylan Marley 

"I love working for TGABN, it's given me the skills I'll need in later life and I've met soo many wonderful people on the way, I also enjoy the respect I've been given when I'm only working on a internship, most of my other bosses/co-workers has mis-treated me" - TBGAN Intern Johny Salatore